Life is life - first test, then decide

Demo systems for testing

When it comes to ultrasonic or megasonic applications there is a variety of frequency, power and most notably single- or batch cleaning options available. Therefore, in come cases it may be benefitial to narrow down the best fit for the application by renting and testing a system. SONOSYS® provides a number of demo-systems to rent, which can be requested easily and quickly by the button "Request demo-system" below.

Example: demo system submersible transducer

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Submersible transducer demo system
Megasonic demo system with nozzle and generator
Nebulizer demo system

AP&S Demo Center

AP&S is a well-known equipment manufacturer for wafer cleaning solutions. In the company's demo-center it is possible to run 'real-world tests' for substrate cleaning with the use of chemicals, temperature regulation and megasonic. We are glad to assist in establishing contact and making an appointment for you.


Single nozzle demo at AP&S demo center

Are you looking for a possibility to clean your substrate under real conditions? Our partner AP&S offers this possibility in their demo center. There is different chucks available to spin the substrate and apply the SONOSYS® Megsonic nozzle. You can find a listing of all features here. The following short video shows a sequence of the cleaning with our nozzle.

AP&S Spinstep Single Wafer Demo