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High frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems. The existing strengths are merged in close partnerships and complementary abilities are converted into synergistic benefit. The result is the most compact megasonic generator and transducer in the world with a unique design. SONOSYS® has mastered, like no other company, the manufacture of high-frequency ultrasonic systems in the range between 400 kHz and 5 MHz. Main markets are wafer cleaning (semiconductor), microstructures/MEMS, LIGA technology, solar/PV and optics - see a markets-overview here.

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Enjoy watching our new video of nebulizer demo unit

This video introduces the nebulizer series of SONOSYS® by showing operation with a small demo-unit.


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mastering NanoClean together

The most important objective of SONOSYS® is always to offer the customer the maximum benefit. SONOSYS® deploys its abilities with a precision that has no competition, to solve the problems and satisfy the requirements of its customers. For SONOSYS®, the continuously changing requirements and technical frame conditions mean continuous performance improvement.



cleaning with Megasonic energy

SONOSYS® is the first European company in the global market to provide ultrasonic cleaning systems in the frequency range from 400 kHz to 5 MHz. SONOSYS® is a company with many years of experience and know-how in the development, production and sales of innovative Megasonic cleaning technologies. Main markets are semiconductor and MEMS wafer cleaning, solar/photo-voltaic and optics.

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