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SONOSYS® now and then...

SONOSYS® offers solutions in the field of ultrasonic and megasonic cleaning for various applications. The focus hereby is on higher frequencies (between 400 kHz and 5 MHz) for cleaning the smallest particles and contaminants, right down to the nanometer range.


The megasonic products are developed entirely in-house, and range from the generator and transducer plates with patented piezo ceramics up to submersible transducers and single and dual nozzles. After its founding in 1995 the R&D and production was scaled up continuously to a wide product portfolio and to become a European leader in Megasonics technology.


The solutions comply to the strictest quality and reliability requirements of the semiconductor, MEMS and LIGA technology industries. The central focus here is always customer requirements and satisfaction. True to the company's motto, "Mastering nanoClean together", customer interests are analyzed and optimized together to achieve the best cleaning results. In what has now been 25 years on the market, more than 4’500 systems have already been supplied, and numerous noteworthy customers in the semiconductor and MEMS industries worldwide have been served.


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