About us

The Origin... this is the story of a terrific idea

SONOSYS® was founded 1995 by Johann Brunner and Joachim Straka. Through development processes that took a huge amount of effort, they achieved solutions setting new standards to the world market . The production of modular, high-quality Megasonic Systems according to German and European standards could now start. After just a short time, Megasonic Systems were designed for LIGA Technology in cooperation with the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe Research Center) (IMT) and shipped worldwide.

SONOSYS® is the first European company in the global market to provide ultrasonic cleaning systems in the frequency range from 400 kHz to 5 MHz. After all, SONOSYS® is a company with many years of experience and know-how in the development, production and sales of innovative technologies.

A merging of energies made it possible to reach a leading position.
This specialist company, which commits all its strengths and abilities, offers top performance.

The most important objective of SONOSYS® is always to offer the customer the maximum benefit.
SONOSYS® deploys its abilities with a precision that has no competition, to solve the problems and satisfy the requirements of its customers. For SONOSYS®, the continuously changing requirements and technical frame conditions mean continuous performance improvement.

»Mastering nanoClean together« is the guiding motto of SONOSYS®. The existing strengths are merged in close partnerships and complementary abilities are converted into synergistic benefit.

The result is the most compact megasonic generator and transducer in the world with a unique design. SONOSYS® has mastered, like no other company, the manufacture of high-frequency ultrasonic systems.

Reliable – with the after-sales service that one wishes for.
Standards – for every special solution and every technology.