Concentrated Cleaning - Contactless with Megasonic Single Nozzle 1MHz

Particle removal of semiconductor wafers:

Experiments carried out at the Research Center for Microelectronics IMEC ( Leuven / Belgium ) with SONOSYS 1MHz Nozzle system on experimental spinning tool with Rotagoni® drying technique

Test condition for all 200 mm Wafers:

  • 1MHz Nozzle at 80% and 100% output power
  • Medium flow = 1.0 l/min.
  • Distance Nozzle opening to wafer surface 22 mm (Nozzle opening to wafer)
  • Cleaning sweep 15 sec. above the wafer
  • Si3N4, SiO2 - Contamination (~12000 particles) very uniform for all wafer
  • Media: DIW or APM 1:2:50 (NH4OH:H2O2:H2O).
  • Temperature of chemicals RT, 30°C and ~55°C.